The People

There is nothing impossible to she who will try.

My name is Melinda. I am fixing up the house, as well as living in it. I like to think I’m handy and I love looking at the finished product of hard labor. I also love bike rides, Ethiopian food, volleyball, patios, and cider beer. I live and work in Minneapolis, Minn., and I have been eager to paint things from a young age.



This is Mom and Dad. They are the brains, investors, and backbone. Dad has been a contractor for over 35 years and has his own solo construction business called The Finishing Steps.  He specializes in stairways and trim work, as well as common sense. He loves baseball, motorcylce trips, Gopher basketball, and his grandson Henry.  Mom is a “retired” OR RN (operating room nurse) and keeps herself busy with many hobbies, as well as lots of time with family and friends. She is great with detail work, such as painting edges and deep cleaning. She loves golf, antiques, road trips, and her grandson Henry.


This is Kingsley. He is the muscle, amusement, and support. He loves gadgets, biking, Italian food, basketball, and painting ceilings. (I might be joking about the last one.) He lives in St. Paul, Minn., with his dog Ludda. He is currently fixing up his own house as well.


This is Ludda. He is a dog. He likes peanut butter, long walks, and sniffing everything. He lives in St. Paul, Minn., but will thoroughly enjoy the fenced-in backyard. He will try his best to be involved in every project and in every picture.



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