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The Bedroom and the Wallpaper

It has been some time since I last updated this blog, but with good reason! I have been getting stuff done! 🙂

A couple weeks ago my mother and I tackled the wallpaper removal and painting project in the main floor bedroom. I gained a roommate Oct. 1, so there was a deadline for this task. It took us 10 hours of work on a Saturday to remove the wallpaper and my mom took a couple days during the week to prep and prime the walls and trim. Overall it was 3 solid days of work, but it was well worth it.

Here are the before pictures. (Who would pick brown and green!?!?!)

We started with scraping off the two layers of latex paint and the first layer of wallpaper. We then rented a steamer to remove the final two layers of wallpaper.

After all the wallpaper was removed, my mom patched some holes and cracks with spackle. Then we primed and painted the walls and trim. I picked Big Bend Beige by Benjamin Moore in flat Clark and Kensington paint. We wanted to use flat paint to hide the imperfection that were still visible. I have been very happy with the Clark and Kensington paint, and it is much cheeper then Benjamin Moore.

Here is the final look!

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